Monday, June 29, 2020

Recent work: "Lighthearted Heart"

This is a handmade card I created for my husband Chris. I liked it a lot (as did he) and so I then scanned it and posted it to my collection of images at Fine Art America / Pixels. If you'd like to see the picture at high-resolution, here's the link: 

Copyright ©2020 Carol Leigh

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Recent work: "Harbor Departures"

When I created this image, I quickly realized it would work equally well as a full-frame horizontal and as a square, so I uploaded both versions. Each has a different feel to it, which I like.

Here's how I described them:

The more I worked on this piece, the more I began thinking of Japan and ships coming and going. I made it using my own calligraphy, my own marks, stained papers, and circles.

To see these photos as high-resolution images, here's the link to one of them on Fine Art America/Pixels:

Copyright ©2020 Carol Leigh

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Recent work: "Distant Hills" photomontage

 I completed this work at the end of January this year, and here's how I described it:

As I was making this piece, I got the feeling of a pilgrimage from sea to mountains. The forms were created by using torn papers, a cut-out circle, water stains on cardboard, Japanese hankos (signature “chops”), and more. 

For me, it's a calm, monochromatic, quiet piece of art. Something that's especially appealing to me in these "interesting" times.

To see a high-resolution version of this picture, here's the link:

Image copyright ©2020 Carol Leigh

Friday, April 10, 2020

The eucalyptus project continues!

I’ve added a few more eucalyptus pictures to the ones I posted last year. I’m thinking this is probably a project I’ll be doing for the rest of my life!

If you’d like to see the high-resolution versions of these pictures, here are the links:

Eucalyptus Leaves in Fall -

The Law of Attraction -

Shades of Eucalyptus (Vertical Leaf) -

Images ©2019 Carol Leigh

Friday, March 27, 2020

Recent work: "Exact Fare"

There's nothing like a scrap or salvage yard to get my juices flowing. I can look at the scene and then immediately begin moving in closer and closer to frame exactly what I like, rather than an overview of a hodgepodge of "things."

The scratches, rust, and weathered paint on this old vehicle really added to its character. The “HAVE EXACT FARE READY” sign added even more.

I hope you like these two versions.

If you'd like to see these pictures blown up to high resolution, here's a link to my "Industrial Art" gallery.

Images copyright ©2020 Carol Leigh

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Mail Art

For the past 8 years I’ve been (sporadically) making postcards and other mail art. Some are handmade collages, some are digital, and (more often) some are a combination of both. I also make envelopes, but we won’t be talking about that now!

Why make mail art? They’re not exactly huge sellers. It’s just that they’re fun to create. If they sell, great. If not, I still had a good time in the studio!

The top one’s my latest, focusing on a Noh (Japanese stage play) mask I photographed at a mask-carver’s studio in Kyoto, Japan. I added old postage stamps from my collection, bits of stained papers, and more.

Below the mask are a couple of the many I offer at Fine Art America/Pixels. If you’d like to see them in higher resolution, just click the links below.

The card “Do Not Affix Stamp” was used as part of a Dolcezza clothing line last year, which was rather exciting!

All images copyright ©2020 Carol Leigh.

Noh Mask
Do Not Affix Stamp
Mastodons Are on Their Way

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Recent work: "Big 5 Postcard"

I hadn't made any "faux poste" cards in awhile, so the other day I came up with this one.

I uploaded it to Fine Art America (why not?), and here's how I described it:

This postcard consists of some painted and walnut-stained papers, drips of walnut ink on a piece of waxed paper, a big “5” I’d stenciled onto a painted page, and more. The orange stamp is an old Internal Revenue stamp. The triangular stamp is called a “Cinderella,” a totally made-up, fictional stamp that’s a part of my collection. The rest? Various bits and markings that I included in the mix. Oh, and there’s part of a letter someone wrote her family.

Overall, just a fun montage to put together on a rainy day. No deep meaning, unless you can find something I can’t!

If you'd like to see a high-resolution version of this picture, here's the link:

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